Kismet Home Solutions, LLC provides service to the community by purchasing distressed homes for renovation, thus improving the overall value of the surrounding homes and its community. 


Because we believe only through combined efforts are we able to fully impact our neighborhoods and communities, at Kismet Home Solutions, LLC we also provide wholesale opportunities for builders, contractors and developers.


Our overall Investment strategy and specialty is to purchase distressed properties at a deep discount, usually 30% to 50% below market value, renovate and sell those properties to retail buyers and long term investors.


At Kismet Home Solutions, LLC we pride ourselves on having a strong foundation of real estate knowledge and training. Our focus is providing SOLUTIONS for our clients and finding VALUE for our investors by locating distressed, vacant homes that are blemish or dilapidated and rehab them back to livable quality homes to increase the property's value and its surroundings.


We Follow a Strict Due Diligence Process


We have a systematic and disciplined approach when purchasing investment properties, putting each potential investment through a strict due diligence process. The rigorous set of criteria includes, but are not limited to the following:

  • Comparable property analysis and examination by a certified, independent appraiser

  • An economic study of the neighborhood, city planning and development

  • Demographics of the area, marketability and growth potential

  • Statistics on the Crime Rate

  • Public Transportation and schools

  • Overall condition of the property, including heating and air, plumbing, electrical, roof and structural condition


Kismet Home Solutions, LLC's core business lies within our systems, education and knowledge of the real estate industry and local market. Through our affiliation, we are connected to a national network of investors that provide continual support and weekly trainings with changes throughout the industry. This process has allowed us to circumvent many pitfalls most novice investors would experience. Learning the hard way is not a phrase in our vocabulary and we certainly would not ask anyone to invest with us if we weren’t.

When a passion for real estate is combined with talented individuals who have an uncompromising drive to succeed, amazing things will happen. At Kismet Home Solutions, LLC, it’s our goal to not only have a positive effect on our team and our families, but also to inspire, motivate and create lasting impression with everyone we encounter.

About Us

Lead Team

Tami Galvin

Keith Galvin

After working for over 19 years as a top sales consultant for one of the state's most respected family owned and operated dealership, Tami's extensive knowledge and passion of working with people has gained her an impeccable reputation throughout New England. She credits her success by always relating with her customers on a very honest and personal level.


Known as being honest, attentive and someone who always delivers, Tami's dedication to helping her customers has kept her as the top sales consultant year after year.


For years Tami has always wanted to move into real estate because it allows her the opportunity to help people on a far more personal level. When she met Keith, they soon realized they both had a passion for real estate, and even more important their desire to spend more time together, leading to their engagement and marriage.


Because everything appeared to be aligned perfectly; from their first meeting, to learning of their passion for real estate, to their business venture, engagement and marriage, it was a clear sign of "destiny". Thus, it only made sense to name their business, Kismet Home Solutions.

Keith started in his family business working on Drywall projects from $500,000 to $3 Million.  He learned the business from the ground up, installation, estimating and Project Management.  Keith attended the Carter School of Drywall and Painting Estimating.


Knowing the world of Analyzing, estimating and managing large construction projects gave him a foundation of understanding how to bring construction projects from beginning to completion at or below budget.


Also, for a short time Keith worked for a Residential Home Framing contractor as well as working at a local Concrete Foundation Company. This experience gave Keith a passion for running a business and using his skills to buy and renovate distressed properties and help home owners with difficult situations.