Through commitment, drive and hard work many achievements can be accomplished!

Kismet Home Solutions, LLC - About
We are a family owned and operated real estate solutions agency founded by passion for our community and the surrounding areas.

If neither spouse wants to stay in the home after a divorce, or doesn't have the money to buy out the other, KHS could step in and purchase with cash without the hassle of putting the home on the market.

Do you owe more on your mortgage than your home is worth?  Short Sales are very time consuming and a conventional buyer may not be willing to wait the time needed to have a short sale accepted by your lender.  We can and will be patient!

Did you inherit a property that needs lots of work and you would rather not put the money into fix before selling?  We will offer you fair market value for your property.

Did you get a new job?  Congratulations!

We can purchase your home quickly with cash so you can relocate to your next dream home!

Have you run into problems with the IRS, or do you have past due taxes that you owe on your home and have a Tax Lien Recorded against it? Kismet Home Solutions can Purchase your home, help you with the Tax Liens and avoid Foreclosure.

Is your heating system on the fritz?  Plumbing starting to leak?  Title V failed and you need a new Septic System?  Are you finding yourself throwing up your hands and wanting to just sell the house instead of putting more of your hard earned money into it?  We will purchase your home for cash - no need to fix it first!

Our Mission

Through commitment, drive and hard work many achievements can be accomplished.  Here at Kismet Home Solutions, LLC, our goal is to help improve the lives of our clients, the communities we work in and the hard working people who make up our team.

"When you help other people to realize their dreams through teamwork, everybody will reap the rewards of their accomplishments." - Tami & Keith, Co-owners